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As a video company, there is nothing more frustrating than being at the back of the room, filming an event and noticing that the audience can not hear the speaker. Sure the camera can hear the speaker because we had the foresight to put a wireless microphone on the speaker. They are transmitting directly into the camera. This does not help the audience much.

Another pet peeve is filming an event using the camera mounted microphone only to be in competition with the person in the back row who is stirring his ceramic mug of coffee. Ping, ping, ping ping, scratch, ping, slurp. If this were the case it means that the amplification of the person speaking is not high enough to carry the room.

Its called video production but a video is only as good as the audio that goes with it. Even if the film soundtrack is fine, the audience still needs to hear what is being said.

Although we are not a full-time audio visual integration company we own enough microphones, amplifiers, microphone stands, projectors, screens, cabling and wireless microphones to amplify an event up to around 300 people.

We can provide:

Multiple Projector screens
Multiple Projectors
Video splitters to run projectors together
Computer switches to change the source computer
Wired Microphones
Wireless Microphones
Tabletop Microphone Stands
Floor Microphone Stands
Audio Mixers
Free-standing Self powered amplifiers
Rack mounted 1,000 watt sound system with multiple external speakers
Presentation pointes for PowerPoint presentation
Sound cabling to amplify the presentation computer
Countdown timer
And more

We have provided Audio Video for:

Chambers of Commerce
Financial Lectures
Energy Conferences
Women’s Conferences
Town State of the Union Addresses
Trade Show Speed Networking Events
Technology Lectures
Business Picnics
Financial Workshops
All-day Training Seminars
And more

Supervised and filmed (or Not Filmed)

Once the AV equipment is set up it does not take much to tweak the sound levels. Most of the events that we provide Audio Visual support for, we are also filming the event. Our services are quite reasonable since we got this down to a one person operation for most events. For events that require full-time audio and presentation supervision, we can bring in a technician to run the presentation systems.

We can also provide AV services without filming the event.

Contact us to see if your event fits the typical size events that we often provide Audio Video support for.

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